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. >>> the u.s. government is trying to get americans out of japan. charlieey. >> are -- charley. >> flights are being chartered out of japan. nearly officials say more -- official say 450,000 people are in shelters and supplies are running low. more than 5,000 people are believed dead and officials believe the total will climb more than 10,000. >>> look at the video showing the tsunami wave crashing through the store's entrance early in the morning. the water knocked down clothing racks and left clothes and other merchandise washed-up in the nearby parking lot. seven waves wrenched the store during the span of 3 1/2 hours. the store opened in september and the owners are vowing to rebuild and reopen. >>> and stay with our special section on crisis in japan is full the latest news, pictures and videos. find that under the spotlight section on the home page. >>> today, the usns comfort is shipping out. it went to haiti last year to help after the earthquake and now it's headed south again. linda so joins us live at the canton pier with more on the mission. linda. >> reporter: go
:07 their time. good morning america will be on that. we have warnings taking you to the west coast of the u.s. you can see the red shadeings, central california, all the way up through oregon. we continue to watch that wave work its way across the pacific. and locally, we are watching the wave of moisture out here and leftover sprinkles in harford and cecil county. after flooding rains that produced four inches shall we guaranteed a scattered showers and temperatures reached 52 before dropping this afternoon. 6:31. let's go to the road with kim brown. >> reporter: traffic is off to a pretty good start beginning your friday morning commute. we have a lot of flooding closures particularly on some of the secondary roadways near harford and cecil couldn't imlook live in howard county -- county, looking live at howard county traffic is moving well. southbound towards montgomery county no problems. here's what we have closures in aberdeen route 7 closed at james way because of high water. use pulaski highway as an alternate. havre de grace, creeks corner closed at staffordch this is in forest hill
. but the latest offensive is sending a strong message that he is not safe. u.s. and allied force struck hiscompound yard from his tent. the u.s. says he was not a target but the goal was to take out his military capabilities. it is unclear where qaddafi was during the attack. this is the second day of air strikes. international force pounded targets across libya with cruise missiles stealth bombers and fighter jets. the no-fly zone is in place and will hand over control of the military operation in days. qaddafi says he not backing down. >> you are not capable of a prolonged war in libya. we consider ourselves ready for a long war. be aware of that. >> reporter: now a u.s. official says he is not sure how long this military offense live last in libya or if qaddafi will step down. we have the latest on our website at if you go to the main page, click on the news tab, and click on the world tab and it will bring you this page. we have the latest on stories about what's going on in libya and how it is affecting oil prices there. oil prices overnight haveup ped in -- have jump
to be thankful for the dry roads while we have them this morning. and that's impacting us in a good way because we still don't have any accidents to let you know about right now. traffic is off to a good start. as we look on the west side, 695 at liberty road, again, moving very freely. no reports of any days. everybody is moving at speed for the most part towards i-70 and down towards the baltimore national pike. looking at the drive times, no reported delays on the harrisburg expressway, southbound 95 a #-minute trip between -- a 6-minute trip to the white marsh and 7 printsfrom 795 to 70. we are probable will be -- minutes from 795 to 70. and we are problem free this morning. >> thanks. >>> 5:31. it's been the model of success as a five and dime store. now the supreme court will hear arguments against wal-mart. abc2's linda so is here with the details. how is it going? >> reporter: well, it won't be about rolling back prices today. wal-mart has something bigger to worry about. fighting a huge lawsuit before the supreme court. women who say they were passed over for promotions, paid less than
have been ordered to stop using it. state official say patients are no longer at risk. >>> virginia tech is being -- facing thousands of dollars in fines from the government for the 2007 shooting rampage. the u.s. department of education says they must pay $55,000 for waiting too long to warn people on campus about the shooter. in all, 32 people were killed april 16th, 2007 when twopeople were shot in a residence call and 30 more near a campus building. virginia it can official plan to appeal that decision. >>> the snow border in california is speaking out after a terrifying brush with death. james drummon was snow boarding -- drummond was snow boarding with friends and slipped. he was buried under a heavy mound of snow. drummond caught the experience on film with the camera attached to his helmet. you can see the snow trapped him after falling into a tree. he managed to call his wife and asked her to call 911 while he waited for hours to be rescued. so quick thinking and a little luck on his part. >> absolutely. it's amazing when that's caught on tape. >>> you may remember this wha
of a winter sort. it will bring us rain and more like april and may temperatures by the end of the week. we will talk about that coming. right now, let's go to the roads and check on the traffic with kim brown. >> reporter: right now, not a lot of traffic to let you know about traveling 795 southbound. you will find all lanes are open between route 140 toward the beltway. looking live at the southwest side, 695 at wilkins. no major delays. traffic looks good on both loops. outer loop running very well as you head towards 95. going to the maps, again, no major problems. traveling down towards the dc area, you will find all lanes open on 95, 29 and on the bw parkway towards the capital beltway. charley, back to you. >> thanks a lot. >>> time is 5:306789 parts of japan hit by a earthquake and flat nd by a tsunami, a third risk looms. a third reactor is now leaking high levels of radiation and a fourth has caught fire. here's what one official is saying about the threat. >> now we are talking about levels that can impact a human health. i would like all of you to embrace the information calmly.
. thanks for joining us. you want to know what the weather is going to be like in the middle of the week. let's go over to justin berk. justin? >> good morning at 5:30. we look back at yesterday, the first day of march. it turned out to be fine around here. temperatures near normal. back in towson, we had a look at a few clouds in the afternoon. basically, it has been all about the clear. and that's the case this morning. west towson elementary, off charles street, 33 degrees. look at that wind, though. 9 miles per hour out of the southch the south wind is a warm wind. clear skies so far this morning. a fine day in store. we will talk about the warmup for this afternoon in a moment. here's kim with traffic. >> reporter: thanks. well the roads are dry this morning. and we are very light on incidents and very light on volume as we look live at the beltway on the southwest side at wilkins avenue. no problems as you make your way towards 95. inner loop lanes clear to i-70 and up toward the 83s. no accidents. in catonsville crews are on the scene alternating the traffic on the southbound lane
, march 3. good morning. >> thank you so much for joining us. a gorgeous day out there yesterday. it's chilly this morning. >>> good morning. i want to back pedal. 23 hours ago roughly, this was sunrise. this was a beautiful day, mostly sunny. the breeze definitely kicked up in the afternoon and evening. we had a high temperature of 62 degrees. the clouds are moving north to south. that's a sign of the fresh wind. it's going to look the same today but it will feel very different. it's 27 in annapolis. 24 in brooklyn park. here's kim. >>> traffic is looking good. no problems on i-95 from route 216 in laurel. the baltimore-washington parkway looking good. 695 wilkins avenue no major issues reported. no issues around 695, the i-95 or the 83s. winston avenue closed at ivan hoe avenue because of that house fire activity. southbound park heights avenue at slade avenue the left lane is closed for water main break repairs. >>> we have seen the demonstrations across the country. wednesday we learned the westboro baptist church's proceed teeses will be allowed to continue. the u.s. supreme cou
currently -- because we are currently quiet. temperatures show us it's cold. officially 29 in baltimore. and 22 up towards york, pa. more on that storm coming up. right now, joining us with traffic is matt. >> reporter: so far still a pretty quiet morning. we are looking at traffic getting a little thick on west side. looking over on the west side beltway at this point, the outer loop is not too bad. that's heading towards 95. inner loop is getting heavy coming up through the arbutus stretch. we got word of a problem in queen ann's county but it's westbound on 50 at the 301 merge. looks like the westbound side is shut down for the time being. we will update you on that in moments. charley, back to you. >> thanks a lot. >>> this morning, you are seeing serious pain at the gas pump. gas prices have reached the highest march price ever. analyst are keeping an eye on what else could happen to affect world oil prices and car owners are falling victim to desperate measures. lem i-- emily schmidt explains. >> reporter: another day, another record. with gas at a nationwide average of 3.52 a gal
. the u.s. germany and many other countries are telling people not to travel to japan. many people are trying to get in touch with loved ones. state department set up a hotline to call. 888-407-4747. you can call or e-mail. if you send an e-mail, put the person's name you are look for and what area of japan they live. you can find that information at you can find ways to help victims of the quake and tsunami. go to the world news section of our website. >>> at 7 years old, attacked by pit bulls while in front of her home. a young girl is in critical condition and neighbors say they are not surprised by the weekend attack. sherrie johnson tells us what happened. >> reporter: charley, today we could learn if the owners of two pit bulls will be charged after a weekend attack on a 7- year-old girl. amanda mitchell was attacked on saturday. neighbors jumped in to help the child's mother get the dogs off amanda. they used sticks and shovels to fight off the dogs. amappeda was bleeding and had lacerations on both sides of -- amanda was bleeding and had laceration on both sid
a nuclear crisis. linda so is here to join us about the startling admission japanese officials are making this morning. >> reporter: well, japanese engineers say they might have to bury the nuclear plant in sand and crone crete. it may be -- concrete. it mate be the -- it may be the only way to avoid a catastrophic release of radiation. the rate something on par with what happened in 1979. emergency workers in japan have gotten desperate using water cannons and helicopters to cool the troubled reactors. one expert says it's like using a squirt gun to put out a forest fire. but there is good news this morning. operators at the nuclear plant connected a power line to the complex. they are hoping that line will restart the water pumps needed to cool down the reactors. if that doesn't work, the u.s. is flying in five high pressure water pumps. here at home, the u.s. put up radiation detectors along the west coast just in case. >> there's a lot of space between here and japan, so we don't expect an impact here, but we want to make sure. >> reporter: and this morning, survivors observed a momen
thing. good thursday morning. it's march 24th. i am megan pringle. thanks for joining us. charley has the day off but meteorologist justin berk is here. you've been very busy. >> it's been busy. and march came in like a lamb and goes out like a lion. it's really one or the other and i think this is one living up to the dealing as we had a tranquil start to the month and temperatures had been near or above normal and we get the balance and law of averages. so the focus will be the weekend storm where it turns colder. two wakes precipitation will come at us. a second one saturday night and sunday could bring us wet snow with a slushy accumulation. we are looking at temperatures this morning. we will go to the carroll county airport in westminster. i will be at east middle cool in westminster. their power got knocked off and we couldn't hook up to their weather station. we will talk about weather and raise money for a cool cause. 37 this morning a snow shower there in carroll county this morning. but the rest of us just damp roads and here kim brown with the latest on traffic. >> reporte
of ability and willingness to compromise and make decisions. that's never good for the u.s. ecomony. >> reporter: now not every thing would shut down. the military would operate and government checks would still be issued. in the studio, linda so, abc2 news. >>> it's 6:30. people across the country have been out protesting supporting union workers in wisconsin. in sacramento, hundreds of people out with signs across the street from where tea party members were supporting governor scott walker's plan to abolish collective bargaining rights. all this happened. >> that one shove got that 28- year-old cite for battery and another -- cited for battery and another man sprained his wrist. >>> a texas day care owner wanted in a deadly fire has now fled the country. immigration officials say the 22-year-old fled to her homeland of nigeria saturday before being charged. four children died and three others were injured at a fire at her home that served as a day care. police say they had been left alone when she went to the grocery store and investigators say the fire started in the kitchen whe
than the nuclear reactor accident will. >> in los angeles, the county health officer warned u.s. citizens against taking iodine as a precaution saying this's no risk of in-- there's no risk of increased radiation. >>> every day the situation in japan gets worse and worse. we get to see it. help is coming from all around the world. even places here in baltimore are doing what they can to give aid to the victims in japan. sherrie johnson is live to explain how you can get involved. sherrie. >> reporter: this wegmans here in hunt valley are certainly doing their part to help those victims of the earthquake in japan. the store just opened a half- hour ago. and customers are coming in. they have the opportunity to donate money once they get to the cash register to check out. one hundred percent of the donations will get to the red cross relief fun for the japan earthquake and tsunami relief fund. all the wegmans stores will accept donation. they have announced a $100,000 donation to help earthquake victims in japan. now, again, that donation starts today and this charity fund runs to
31st, at&t wireless will not be charged for international long distance calls from the u.s. and puerto rico to japan as well as text message to japan from the u.s. verizon is offering free calling from residential and wireless callers through april 10th. remember, you can head to for the latest developments on the devastating quake and tsunami in japan. we have a special session featuring a photo slide show and eyewitness accounts and how to help out. it's under the spotlight section on the right side of the home page. >>> 5:32. instead of cashing in a scratch off, a dundalk store owner is cashing them in for herself. melissa stone owns the store. investigators went under cover to see what happened. the alarms went off but stone claimed that there was a problem and it was not actually a winning ticket. a couple hours later she was arrested after authorities say she tried to collect on someone else's luck. >> we are not enticing a retailer to steal from the public. they make that decision. >> investigators arrested a dozen other poem from across the state in the
in baltimore. the measure considered in annapolis and sherrie jobson joins us live. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are here in federal hill with a lot of people walk their dogs. you like to take your dogs with you and be socialable. today, lawmakers are considering a new bill that would allow pet owners to bring their dogs to an outdoor restaurant. now, the bill would allow dog owners to bring the pets at bars and restaurants with outdoor seating. restaurant owners like the idea because right now it's illegal to have a dog where food is serving. they say it would generate off business and offset the businesses they lot of from the smoking ban. but critics are concerned about the dogs not well trained or don't socialize well with other dogs. >>> it's ever -- >> it's every where, it's natural. you take your dog and get your bottle of wine for lunchtime and sit and eat i think we are a little behind arfast as that is concerned. >> reporter: now once again, the debate starts this afternoon in annapolis. reporting live in federal hill, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >>> news around the n
kim brown. kim brown, tell us about the traffic. >> reporter: traffic is flowing freely this fabulous friday. looking live at the beltway on the southwest corner near wilkins avenue, no issues on either loop this morning across the south side of the beltway. outer loop looks good towards 95. a pair of accidents remain one at eastern avenue and linwood and the other on charles street southbound near coldspring lane. and we have the closure on o'donnell street between linwood and potomac because of the st. patrick's day festivities. now back to you. >> thanks. >>> it's a race against the clock. japan is now reaching out to the united states to help to avert a nuclear crisis. linda so joins us telling us about the startling admission japanese officials are making this morning. linda. >> reporter: well, japanese engineers say they might have to bury the troubled nuclear plant in sand and concrete. it may be the only way to prevent a catastrophic release of radiation. we have learned the nuclear safety agency in japan raised the rating from 4 to 5 of the accident meaning it's having wider
protests will continue. the u.s. supreme court ruled that the church is protected under the first amendment. that sting of that decision felt right here in maryland. we have the response from the father who fought the westboro baptist church to the highest court in honor of his son, a u.s. marine killed in iraq. >> today marks the fifth anniversary that matthew snyder was killed in iraq. this is the legal fight that began about five years ago when members of the westboro baptist church showed up at the funeral of al snyder's son. matthew was killed in iraq. church members shouted their hateful message that matthew died because of this country's acceptance of homosexuality. the supreme court ruled the first amendment protects westboro baptist church's right to protest which now means the church has a license to picket funerals no matter how hurtful their message is. a member of that church says the ruling will only intensify their picketing. al snyder says the most painful part is he'll have to pay westboro baptist church more than $100,000, money that will help the church do what
with us more. >> reporter: right to privacy is a hot button issue. today lawmakers are taking things a step further with hearing on the right to priest sigh when it comes to social media on sites like facebook or twitter. senate finance committee considering a bill to make it illegal for a employer to ask a employee or job a can't to release the user information. a employee watchedis with while his employer looked at his post. law makers says the bill doesn't take away the right to monitor a workplace computer and to take action against an employee miss using the commuter while at work. it does insist a employer not delve into or interfere with an individual's private business. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >>> 6:31. news around the nation. thousands of drunk drivers could be back on the road because of a mistake by the police department in philidelphia. police there use 8th breathalyzers to test drunk drivers and found five of them miscall greated giving -- miscall greated giving -- miscall greated. there have been 487 cases involved. the cases were between september of 2009 and novem
making a preflight inspection of a u.s. airways plane found a hole in the fuselage. hole was visible on the aircraft exterior but didn't go all the way through into the cabin. the fbi is investigating how it could have happen. it flew to charlotte yesterday afternoon from philadelphia. passengers scheduled to fly out on that plane were then immediately booked to other flights. >>> a small plane crashed into the water near st. petersburg florida attempt -- while it attempted to land. it was at the honda grand prix race and a spectator caught the crash landing on tape. the warplane had reported mechanical problems just before it ended up in the water. the good news is both the pilot and passenger were rescued and treated for minor injuries. >>> 6:33 right now. we have seen the digs destruction and devastation in japan-- destruction and devastation in japan and emily and her younger brother scott started helping hands for japan. the two designed t-shirts and they are selling them for $10 all that money that they raise will go to help the people over in japan. >> i saw the people houses
the bw parkway. try using northbound route 1 or 95 this morning as a alternate. now back to you. >>> 6:30. we have breaking news for you. the london telegraph reports a u.s. warplane crash landed in libya. we have a file picture of the plane we are talking about, an f-15e eagle. the pilot is safe and it appears to be mechanical failure that is to blame. multiple news agencies including the bbc is confirming the story with the u.s. military. >>> also this morning, the latest on the murder at an upscale bethesda yoga shop. prosecutor say the woman charged with killing jayna murray was thought to have stolen merchandise. she fought with her coworker and allegedly killed her. the victim's parents are speaking out for the first time. linda so is here with more. >> reporter: jayna murray's appeared on good morning america and said nothing about the murder but talked about their daughter's loving free spirit. on monday, brittany norwood went before a judge accuseded of beating and stabbing murray to death inside the shop where they worked. norwood lured the coworker back into the store
's doppler -- baltimore's doppler radar shows us there's rain down to the south and more is developing. take the rain gear with you because it's going to turn wet. here in metro baltimore by lunchtime we could see showers. after a high of 42, the 30s could bring a wintery mix. we will talk about it coming up. here's kim with traffic. >> reporter: that evening rush does not sound like it's going to be anything pleasant. but this morning, the roads are dry. that's good news as you make your way out the door. an earlier accident in churchville is gone. looking live at the roadways, we are accident free. 895 south of the 95 split, traffic is moving at a good pace. heading towards the harbor tunnel and towards the fort mchenry tunnel, 6 minutes i-95 from white marsh to the beltway. and the outer loop from 795 to i-70 a 6 minute trip. bel air to providence 7 minutes. southbound 95 through baltimore city at caton avenue, reports of debris in the roadway. so keep an eye out for that. now back to you. >> thanks a lot. >>> baltimore city mayor stephanie rawlings-blake will deliver the budget proposal.
enhancing the moisture. clouds appear to move from west to east on the screen. get used to the clouds. they are with us for a few days. and we are looking at no moisture out of the clouds. cool temperatures at 28 in baltimore. it's 29 back towards hagerstown. a weekend washout is possible. rain is on the way. most of saturday will be dry early. showers will arrive late, but sunday is the rain day. rain could be heavy at times with potential flooding. when we expect the quick down downs of -- dousing of 1 to 2 inches of that. here's kim with traffic. >> reporter: thanks. mta service is on schedule. local bus service is on schedule but there are diversions on the 11, 20 and 30 bus lines. here at 95 at 195, we don't havereport any reported accidents. traffic is moving well in both directions. in baltimore city there are a pair of water main breaks which has lomb bard street closed -- lombard street closed. now back to you. >> thanks a lot. >>> firefighters are on the scene of an overnight fire. it happened more than three hours ago when firefighters were called out to a house fire in the
across the u.s. now the storms are here and so is the threat of flooding and damage in our region. abc2 news linda so is out in the elements this morning in mountain washington for a spot of that's known for flooding but not so much yet, linda. >> reporter: yeah, actually, nothing to complain about. i mean, the water is still under control. we have been getting the rain steady all over night. but so far, no flooding problems here at the jones falls by the kelly avenue bridge. we came out here because this area is prone to flooding. and in the past, cars have been flooded and the shops here damaged at mount washington mill. they have the whole foods and starbucks. back in 2004 they dealt with a lot of storm damage. but this morning things are not looking that bad. you know that could change later in the day as we continue to get the rain and waters rise. but so far nothing to complain about here. you know, our area has not gotten as bad as other states that have been pounded by the storm. in new jersey, several rivers have overflowed the banks. dozens had to be evacuated from the homes a
fallenhan for bravery and service to the community. he is no longer with us, but for his family, it's momentos occasion. he and pair med -- -- he died in january fighting a fire e lost his life while trying to rescue people from a burning apartment building. faulkenhan's widow and children are expected to attend the ceremony tonight west given the medal of honor built bolt deb-- tonight when he is given mote posthumously the medal of honor. his family will be paid as though he died in the line of duty while still a career firefighter. this means his widow and children will receive about 30% of average salary he was being paid when he was with the county. that ceremony kicks off tonight at 7:30. and if you would like more information, head to and click on the baltimore county page and it will bring up the story and you can read more information about mark faulkenhan and tonight's ceremony. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >>> the grandmother of a 4-year- old who police say shot himself speaks to abc2 news. michelle townsend shared the picture of her 4-year-old grandson from h
good morning to you. thanks for standing and talking to us a little bit. can you tell us a little bit about what's going through your mind when you heard about this fire and fatality in. >> yeah, i was -- my name is carl and i was very concerned because i knew people about four or five blocks in the neighborhood. and it's to wake up and when i came down, i don't really know the people by their name, but i know them by face because i am up and down sweeping the streets every day in this neighborhood. it's very sad to go through my heart that someone died in this fatality. >> reporter: do you know the types of people that live in this home? did you say assisted living? tell me about the folks who live here? >> it possibly was assisted living. i am not for sure, though. >> reporter: all right. thanks so much. of course, our hearts go out to the families here. thanks for stopping and talking to us. >> thank you. have a good day. >> reporter: once again, we have confirmed from baltimore city police that one person has died in this fire. right now, investigators are still trying to dete
angry wake. the clerk's use of the phrase she said you people is what set it off. she apologizes and says it's not her character. >>> an ohio priest may be asking for foregibness for his actions. he was arrested for driving under the influence. his behavior at the police station was very unusual. >> i will give you the sermon on the mound. sermon on the mound is this, get this off me because i am getting a rash. i want you to. [audio not understandable] i want you to love me. >> the reverend picked up after he crashed his car. he was three times the legal limit when he was put in a holding cell. now police say they don't videotape people who are in holding cell unless they are acting up and they say that night the reverend was a handful. he faces du. charges and could have faced-- dui charges and he could have faced additional charges but the police say the videotape is punishment enough. >>> shoppers at a wal-mart got something extra from the bargins this week. a photo of a scantily dressed man in women's clothing. police say he distributed the photos in and around the store. he
fast, they're actually hovering around $4 a gallon, that's affecting all of us. the question now is whether the president can help and should he. emily schmidt has the details from washington this morning. >> reporter: with gas prices skyrocketing, americans are reaching their limits earlier. >> i got $16. i can't afford to fill up the tank. >> reporter: the average is $3.51 a gallon. a new survey says that's up 33- cents in two weeks, the second biggest price increase on record means spending more. >> up until this point, about $50, about every two weeks. now it's gone up to $60 every two weeks. now we're up to almost $75. >> reporter: the prices spiked along with the middle east uprising. there are no shortages, just worries. the white house said they're considering tapping into the 727 million barrels u.s. strategic oil reserves. >> it's something that only is done and has been done on very rare occasions. >> the oil reserve is there for emergencies. this is not an emergency. >> reporter: one oil analyst says there's political pressure for the president to lower prices. >> you
if you have friends and family who live in japan. e mail us at newsroom at the u.s. embassy is closed for the rest of the day in japan. if you are trying to get in touch with familiar lane friends in japan, call the state department at 202-647- 4000 or check >>> we have got a lot of rain here at home. we want to know what the weekend is looking like. justin, will it get drier for us. >> yes, it is. we have showers left over this morning. one more time, i will recap what happened with the earthquake. even worse than what we have been hearing. and i am sure we will get more information coming in. but the 8.9 quake, the 7th largest on record. the tsunami was 33 feet tall. 10 meters that's 33 feet tall. and when you see some of the images we have had, there's no doubting that with the devastation that had rolled through. not only major metropolitan areas, two million people in population immediately affected, but also through the countryside. and warnings continue around the pacific as we watch the travel times. expecting to reach hawaii sometime locally this morn
28th. good morning, i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle, thanks for joining us. hope you had a great weekend. justin said there were parts of mayor thand that experienced snow. i slept -- maryland that experienced snow. i slept through it. >> that's the case at five straight hours of reports of light snow at bwi. there was snow widespread on the radar that didn't reach the ground north of the city but yes, it did snow, light snow did hit good chunk of anne arundel county but south of annapolis and south of easton where the accumulation occurred. by the way, i got one page from leslie in calvert county with 3 to 4 inches. and we showed you ocean city in the last half-hour. reisterstown didn't get mush. -- much. i will be at reisterstown at the end of the week talking about weather. but we have quiet weather right now. a cold weather pattern will look more like winter as we have two shots. remember, ocean city had 3 inches on sunday. it's possible to get that stuff to stick in the right conditions. knock sticking this morning. hopefully you are moving on the roads with kim
a slow speed chase in millersville, police had to use the stop sticks. a shot gun along with bean bags as well to make the arrest. he is charged with stabbing his estranged wife to death at a hair salon. >>> police are look for a suspect who attacked a woman during the weekend. she was stabbed while showering inside her home in the 400 block of -- after 8:30 friday night. she was cut. the suspect got away and the victim ran to a nearby neighbor's house. she was treat and released from shock trauma. if you have information in the case, call the number on the screen, 410-386-3000. >>> this morning, grief and anger in a community after two buchanan county sheriff deputies were shot and killed. it happened sunday afternoon after a 911 call at a junkyard. when deputies arrived, a man in the junkyard started to fire with a high powered rifle and killed two deputies and seriously injured two others. shooting rocked hoe cal law enforcement agencies that sent teams to assist with the manhunt that lasted for much of the afternoon. the suspect was shot and killed. >>> 5:34 right nowch the effects
as a teacher and became the longest chief of state schools in the country. linda so is here to tell us why it's coming to an end. linda. >> reporter: well, dr. grasmick is ready for a break. after 20 years as the state school's superintendent, she is ready for retirement. her last day will be june 30th. she says she is proud of everything the school sis tim accomplished. a national publication ranked maryland schools number one in the nation three years in a row. math, reading and graduation rates, all up. >> we have so many firsts in thestate on every index you can imagine. whether it's early childhood, whether it's advanced placement or the system as a whole. we are number one, number one, number one. and i believe that that is the kind of legacy i want to leave. >> and it's no secret and governor omally didn't always get along but they resolved their differences to make schools better and she says her decision to retire is not politically motivated. in the studio, linda so, a become c2 news. -- abc2 news. >>> the state senate has passed a measure to i crease the alcohol tax by -- increase
, but he is expected to say the decision was made to get involved to avert a humanitarian crisis. the u.s. will not be leading the mission from here on out. nato has announced it will take over all military operations. this morning, rebel forces are closing in on qaddafi's hometown and make their way towards the capital tripoli. they have recaptured several key oil towns and are promising to restart exporting oil. that is prompting a slight drop in the soaring price of crude oil. here at home, obama is getting ready to make his case. >> i think he handled it very well, and the reason yes intervened is that terrible things were happening on the ground in libya. people were being killed. and qaddafi himself had said that he was going to slaughter everybody. we had international support for it. >> reporter: and we have the latest on our website at if you go to the main page, it's the first story in the slide show. more on obama's address to the nation tonight. also, if you click on the news tab in the world section, it will bring you to this page and we have three new stories p
concussions reached the maryland state capitol. and this morning, sherrie johnson joins us live with m -- at m and t bank stadium with an explanation of why lawmakers want to discuss the issue. >> reporter: many players take the field here on football sundays, but those ravens also take some pretty big hits on the field. but there's concern for the student athlete as well. this week in annapolis, there will be discussion about how to handle children on the field and the concussion. but also in iowa, that discussion is going on, too, where high school wrestling and football is pretty big there. there's new legislation to protect student athletes. bill requires student who have a concussion to be pulled from the game or practice. they would not be allowed to return until they have a written note from a doctor saying that they are okay. there are more than 35,000 sports related concussions every year and many of those leads to long-term damage. and this new bill has received some famous support. >> this type of legislation on sports concussions will go a long way to prevent needless head injuries
and thanks for joining us. i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. how will the weather be? people will be bouncing from pub to pub. if you do so, drive safely and don't drive if you've had anything to drink. >> walk because as justin will tell you, the weather should be pretty nice for that, right? >> very nice. all day through, and through tonight, today, we are going to be expecting more sunshine and yes, the irish eyes will be smiling as we have ourselves a look at a warmer day today and warmer still for tomorrow. that holds what we have been talking about all week. a little change for the weekend and not the change that's in our buckets behind there. we are looking at possible showers on saturday. that will lead to cooler temperatures over the weekend. we are dry right now. no weather to impede your travel. let's see what's happening on the roads traffic wise with kim brown. >> reporter: thanks. if you are catching the mta, all services are on schedule for the local bus, metro subway, light rail marc train and communitier -- commuter bus andmobility. look live at the 695 at wi
so is hear to tell -- here to tell us why all that is coming to an end. >> reporter: she is ready for break. after 20 years as the state's school superintendent, she is ready for retirement. her last day will be june 30th. grasmick says she is proud of everything the school system accomplished under her helm a national pblycation ranked -- publication ranked mayorlands schools number one in the nation three years in a row. she and governor o'malley didn't always get along but they resolved their differences to make schools better. her decision to retire is not politically motivated. >> noi no, i can -- no. i can hon he willly -- honestly say it was my decision and timing of it was my decision. it may not have been true 4 1á years ago but there's a lot of water over the -- 4 1/2 years ago but there's a lot of water over the dam in terms of the 4 1á years and it was -- 4 1/2 years and it's really my decision. >> reporter: no word who will replace her. linda so, abc2 news. >>> it's 6:32. time to look at news around the nation. ten sailors aboard a navy aircraft carrier were injured
sisters told us they are hopeful in finding her. >> definitely still hopeful. just trying to keep her face out there, keep her face in the news, in the papers and things so people won't stop looking. >> police have worked on at least 130 leads. so far, nothing. if you've seen anything or know anything about her, call the hotline. 855-223-0033. and again, that hotline right there at the bottom of the screen. >>> the mother of a woman killed in a state police medivac crash is ewing the faa. the 17-year-old ashley younger died in the wreck in 2008. attorneys for the family say it was air traffic control negligence. lawsuit claims controllers at the base were unresponsive and inattentive when the pilot asked for guidance. abc2 was the only station tospeak with her after the crash and she is preparing for the lawsuit. >> they piewt my life -- they put my life and took my parents life and took a young lady that was going to do great things for this world, for the community, they took a lot. they took a lot. i just want to know everything that happened to my daughter, what decision was made that
leader is sending a strong message that he is not safe. u.s. and a lied forces struck his compound yards from his tentch u.s. says he was not a target but the goal was to take out his mill tarry -- mill pear -- military capabilities. this is the second day of air strikes. u.s. and international forces have pounded targets across libya with cruise missiles, stealth bombers and fighter jets. a no-fly zone is in place and they will hand over control of the military operation in a matter of days. qaddafi says he is not backing down. >> you are not capable of a prolonged -- for a prolonged war in libya. we consider ourselves ready for a long war. abe ware of that. >> reporter: a u.s. official says he is not sure how long the military effort will last or if qaddafi will step down. if you go to, we posted stories for. you if you click on the news tab and click on world, it will bring you to this page with the latest on everything that's going on in labia, how it's affecting oil prices and how that may affect the prices at the pump. also, new video as the qaddafi vows to keep fighti
up for a bit before the second surge hits us later today and tonight. more on that forecast coming up. 6:41. here's kim with traffic. >> reporter: very messy this morning. not a lot of incidents, but we have some downed trees around the area blocking roadways look live at 95 at route 32 in howard county. traffic is moving well. volume is picking up. i will let you know where the delays are when "good morning maryland" comes back after this. it sfalling in love with the most personalized most customized piece of furniture you will ever own get that one piece right and the rest of the room will just fall in to place it starts with you introducing yourself to the world of ethan allen don't miss our march sale, with special savings on select pieces for every room. >>> it is 6:44. time for your abc to news to go. -- 2 news to go. major concerns for the possibility of flooding. this is the jones falls bridge in mount washington, a -- washington, a place prone to flooding. we could be expecting rains throughout the course of the morning. a guy tracking the system overnight and throughout the
to us. >>> today will be a busy day for cleanup in the small town of rain, louisiana. >> homes have been ripped apart after a tornado hit there. we'll show you the aftermath. >>> we'll take you to hawaii where smoke and lava are in the air, some stunning pictures of a volcano to share with you. ["stir it up" playing] stir up a smile with hershey's syrup. >>> today, city and federal officials will get a look at the damage in rain, louisiana. a tornado ripped through the town on saturday. winds reached 135 miles per hour, tossing vehicles, tearing homes apart. a 21-year-old woman was killed. she had been protecting her 15- month-old son when part of a tree crashed into their home. >>> now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate. >> breaks your heart to hear that story. we're looking at quieter conditions around here. it's windy and cold, and we have snow and ice on the north side. the storm is departing. bellaire is one of the spots where you may have snow on the grass and especially up north, toward the pa line, you may have up to an inch on some o
willcrackdown on people who park in handicapped spaces without a permit or who use the tags without being handicapped. anne arundel county is in the middle of a initiative designed to stop fraudulent use of tags and spaces for fines. if you are parked in a handicapped space and misusing a tag, the bill can be as much as $500. >>> speak of bills, in -- speak of bills, in and a -- speaking of bills, in annapolis they are talking about hikes for the fee when you want to get a new title for your car. when you buy a car you have to get a title which would go up from 50 to $# 100. -- $100. and vanity tags from 25 to 50. >>> today we are expected to learn more about this year's african american festival. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake will be joining the community and business leaders to announce the theme, activities and everything that is planned. the news conference is set tonight for 6:00. it's going to happen at the reginald f lewis museum on eat pratt street. >>> ocean city officials say the tour is returning to maryland. and it's going to be held in the resort town continued of camden yar
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